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Installation Process

Rainman Irrigation only uses professional irrigation products in their installations. We use a vibratory plow to install all lines which leaves little to no damage to existing turf. ​We are able to bore or missle under most walkways, driveways and patios as required.

  • First step is to meet with the property owner and evaluate the property.                                                 

  • Then, based on the many factors including sun exposure, shade, turf area, planting beds, trees, ground conditions and available water, we will put together a customized estimate for your consideration. 

  • Once accepted we will schedule a date and call for a utility markout 

  • On the day of installation, Ray will meet you at the site, flag all head locations and review with you. 

  • Upon completion and proper restoration of your property we will review with you the proper operation and setting of the system

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