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  • Is the owner on the job?
    YES! Ray the owner is on EVERY installation and major repair. Our sucess depends on you satisfaction. We do not just send out a crew to your house with a drawing, estimate and verbal instructions. Ray lays out every job the way it was discussed at the time of estimate so everyting goes smoothly.
  • Is experience important?
    Of course!! We have been installing and servicing irrigation systems since 1989. Theres not much we have not seen. When installing we factor in your pressure, landscape, sun, shade, ground conditions and any other factor that will have an effect on how your system will perform. When servicing, wheather your system is 40 years old or new we have seen it all and can service or upgrade if required.
  • Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than I am currently using?
    Well that depends of you water your lawn? If you do how much do you water? If only once a week or when you have time then yes. If you leave the sprinkler on while your at work for for hours on each section trying to save it then no. Your irrigation system is seasonally adjustable throughout the season to save you money. No more over or under watering.
  • How much will a system cost?
    All properties are different. It is almost impossible to give an exact quote over the phone. Dont assume that your system will cost the same as your neighbors or cousins with the same size property. System cost and design depend on your specific property. Do you have a pool, garden, fence, planting areas, driveway, walkways, playground area? All these things effect the layout and cost of a system. Schedule your FREE estimate now!!
  • Do I have to be home on day of installation?
    We do not normally need anyone home for the installation. However, we most likely will need access to your house. If you do not feel comfortable leaving us access we will schedule your installation on a day that works for you.
  • Will there be 100% coverage?
    Yes. We will cover property as discussed at time of estimate. However, if after the installation you modify the landscape and compromise the layout of the system we may have to make changes and/or adjustments and charge accordingly.
  • How long will the job take?
    Most residential and small commercial jobs will be done in one day. If all landscape and hardscape is done and ready for us we will not leave until complete.
  • Do I need a survey?
    Not as long as you know your property lines. We will install the heads based on what you tell us are your property lines. We will flag out the property prior to installation for your approval.
  • What if I just want the front or back done?
    We can install any area(s) of the property at any time. If you plan on expanding the system to different areas in the future just let us know so we can prepare initial system for future expansion.
  • Will the sytem be difficult to operate?
    Like anything new there will be a slight learning curve. We try to use the most user friendly products for our customers. Upon completion we will review and instruct you on the use of your new system.
  • Whats the best time to install if I'm getting other work done on the property?
    Typically the system gets installed right before sod or seed. We prefer to have all plants, trees and hardscape in before we start so we can install the heads in the exact location they need to be. However, if you want the system installed before a pool, deck, patio or extension just let us know the approximate location so we can install accordingly to avoid major damage to the system.
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