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Spring Start Up Service

Spring is one of our busiest times of the year!!


Have your system started and checked as soon as weather permits (March-April). We will perform the service and leave your controller in the "Off"position so when the weather changes you are ready and just have to put on "Run"

What Does Our Typical Spring Turn On Service Consist Of?

  • Energizing System by slowly allowing water to enter the lines to the manifold then visually check for leaks at the shut off valves and manifold                                                                                                       

  • Open each zone and clear grass, dirt and mulch from around heads that will affect proper operation and coverage                                                

  • Check each zone for leaks, root restrictions and head leaks

  • Check for proper coverage of lawn and landscape and make appropriate adjustments or suggest modifications to the system. 

  • Check Rain Sensor (if equipped

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